Weapons free in... (Spec Ops get ready to infringe on a Warlord's deal)











–First REAL Pose
–German Weaponry is superior
–COD ragdolls are an annoyance to pose
–Hand-to-mag as opposed to Hand-to-barrel is completely arbitrary in my opinion
–Low-res ground sucks

** free to edit **

Great posing,EXCELLENT use of that map. Needs a little action but you’re getting there

I like the last one.
The posing is nice, but the angles are ugly IMO.

Overall, I think it looks pretty good. Some shots might be a little close, however.

well sadly, I can’t apply myself to gimp anymore due to school, so I could just make ‘prelude to pwnage’ or funny TF2 stuff.

The AT4 is Swedish not German. :eng101:

Love the idea. Wouldnt the rocket end up killing the friendlies in the last frame though? And some editing would have been nice. Also, the leg posing on the guy holding up one finger in the last from is weird.

Who said the AT4 was gonna fire last?

I love how the soldier actually follows the “fire like this” picture on the AT-4.

I’m glad to see a first pose that is not shitty or mingy.

I love the posing on the first and second picture, I find the rest boring.

Have a pallet.

Pretty good posing.