Weapons' gunshot sounds depending on distance

I’m using the default HL2 weapons for my gamemode currently.

If someone shooting is standing 500 feet away or if he’s standing 5 feet away won’t make a difference as to how loud the gunshots are. Is there a reason to that?

Is there a fix?


I think you’re going to need to make your own weapons. The source ones are just meh.

There’s gotta be some way.

no. make your own. stop being lazy.

Or maybe I was trying to make the gamemode as simple and require the least games as possible?

Making custom SWEPS won’t make them need more games… just say’n.

More shit to download is what I meant.

I was planning this to be a really simple fast paced gamemode you just jump in, pick your team and within two seconds you’re in the fight. The only custom thing really is the map and not even 1MB of sound effects.

I don’t think a few extra lua files are really going to increase load times by that much