Weapons Help

Sorry for the dumb question, I’m trying to learn lua and literally started actually trying to learn today. I’ve been looking through the gmod wiki and other places and I’m finding that the ply:StripWeapons() command isn’t working. Are there any other commands to strip all weapons? Because every time I try to start a simple new gamemode, I spawn with all of the default weapons. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and this probably stupid to you question.

ALSO : one more questoin, I made a menu as function Menu() , I added usermessage.Hook( “menu”, menu ) and it keeps giving me this error

] menu
Unknown command: menu (This is from the in game console) And : The menu is under cl_init.lua file in gamemode folder. I’m trying to use the menu in a gamemode.

PLEASE HELP - Thanks , Toy Machine

Did you hook ply:StripWeapons() to PlayerInitialSpawn?

Also did you add a console command for your menu?

ex: [lua]concommand.Add( “menu”, Menu )[/lua]

Could you please show the code you have? From what you’ve said it seems you have named the attached function wrong on the usermessage. It should be: usermessage.Hook( “menu”, Menu)

Stripping weapons would be Serverside and Josh, i’m pretty sure you use StripWeapons like this instead:
function GM:PlayerLoadout(ply)

This is my code for stripweapons :

(This is init.lua file)

The menu still isn’t working. Here’s what I have for that

(This is cl_init.lua file)

instead of your Concommand use this serverside:

umsg.Start( “Menu”, ply )