Weapons Ideas

  1. First thing first i think that weapon sway is crazy to much and should be taken down a bit.
  2. Recoil is another big thing very very hard to control, make recoil less!
  3. I believe a select fire feature for the M4 would be a great idea or add in something like a DMR or a M14
  4. Add in more sights like ACOG or simple red dot
  5. Also something like grip that help with weapon sway and kick, green laser as well as red
  6. Maybe be cool to add a cross bow so u can us a EOTech on your bow, even a Compound bow would be cool.
  7. No suppressor for shotgun!!! Unless u add slugs and still dont think shotgun should have a suppressor
  8. Add some sort of landmine/claymore that be fun to see.
    Tell me what you guys think about these ideas and throw your own out here!

Keep in mind that Rust is a survival game. Not many metal made guns are around after the nuclear fallout, so survivors are left to fend for themselves with man-made weapons. Although these ideas are actually good for the game such as sway an recoil, just keep in mind that this game can’t be futuristic from the time span that it’s in.

1 & 2. The recoil and sway are fine, remember : You’re not an experienced soldier, you’re a cave-man like person.
3. This is a good suggestion, switching between a single fire, burst or auto mode.
4. This seems to all be down to personal preference really.
5. The grip idea seems fine, but once again : Personal preference
6. Eeh, that’d be pushing it too medieval-like. I’d be interesting to see, don’t get me wrong but it doesn’t seem to fit with the tone of Rust.
7. I wouldn’t mind seeing silenced shotguns
8. I think the grenades are enough of an explosive, the claymores and landmines would probably be abused to all fuck, people littering forests and areas that new players frequently roam in with landmines and claymores for no reason, mining down rad loot areas, making sure every door in the area has a claymore behind it. It just seems frustrating and not a lot of fun.

I agree with everything you’ve said except the first 3 points. I believe the current system works well, as it forces you to be a little conservative with ammo. If you want to select fire the M4 just click your fire button instead of holding it.

  1. & 2. weapon sway and recoil are okay and actually are pretty managable, its not CoD and i’m assuming that the rust characters go in with zero knowledge of firearms. perhaps a stat thing that decreases the sway and recoil of a weapon type if there is increased/ constant use.

other than that i’m okay with the ideas

yeah i know u can just click but i fell more realistic having a setting for it. and yes your right i dont mean take down to cod level but i just fell kick is a little much i can deal with sway.

lol weapon sway is realistic ive shot an m4 and a 9mm as im in the marines and trust me what they gave you as a sway is generous.

recoil is recoil m4 alone has much more recoil i think when im shootin with it in the prone i still go about 4 to 6 inches movement from point of impact

m4 pretty much has it u hold the button down it goes full auto which is an m4a1
the regular m4 has a semi automatic and three round burst ( military model) three round burst isn’t on the civilian model

add more attachments i believe they’re looking into as theres only 4 mods avaiable and guns can have up to 5 slots of attachments

claymore or landmine really… u wouldnt be able to move in a 200 player server for the amount of trolls they have.


EDIT: Btw the sway on weapons are horrible. If you scope in and don’t move the mouse at all the sway always goes down to the bottom left corner.

Yeah i know i was dropped from MCRD T-40. So yes i understand the recoil of the M16A4 and i never had that much recoil really but i have been shooting guns all my life so i am use to it and can control it fairly well. But thats just me. An thank you for you server to our country you marines are the best fighting force in the world! Semper Fi Marine!

thank you for your support