Weapons in a table

Ok I am working on a jail function and Im trying to make it so when they get jailed, their weapons get stored into a table and then when they are unjailed, they get their weapons back. However I tried an example off the wiki to store the weapon names and changed it to insert into a table:
for k, v in pairs(plya:GetWeapons()) do
table.insert( jailsweptable, v:GetPrintName( ) )

However I realised that actually, GetPrintName is a clientside-only function (according to http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Weapon.GetPrintName) - whic hwould explain the nil value error I get. I tried v:__tostring() but that doesnt work either.

Any ideas? :3


Aw nm - thanks though xD

I asked someone on Steam and then they reminded me about entity class names :3

– I havent slept for 24 hours now, doing an all…dayer? :smiley: