Weapons like in Zeno Clash - Few of questions.

Hello again. xD I am working on a SWEPS based on Zeno Clash. What I can’t do, but I want?

  1. You can’t shoot in primary mode, but in fact you can punch someone if he is too close (with KICK, what have another model) - Do I just must delete all things from SWEP.Primary? Bu I still don’t know what about this kick.

  2. Zoom… - I don’t see this in any SWEP, so I don’t know how to do this.

  3. You can only shoot in Zoom. And you don’t see croshair, If you are not using zoom. - Meybe just I must turn func SWEP.DrawCrosshair = false? And what about shoot in zoom? Is this is possible, anyway?

  4. You must reload weapon, but you don’t see all of your ammo (like in Zeno Clash. Unlimited ammo, but you muste realod your weapon). - Yeaaaa… Next thing, what I never saw in any SWEP.

Please, help me… I know, meybe I want to much things, but I know all the code, just these…