Weapons not in inventory + Always third person in vehicles

When I started up Garry’s Mod today in singleplayer, only the Phys. Gun, Camera Phone, and Tool Gun were in my inventory.


Also, about a week ago, I tried to enter the jeep for a map I was making and it went into third person. I didn’t take a screenshot at the time, but it still does this.



Is there any way I can fix these problems? I’ve looked on Google, YouTube, and other forums, but I have yet to find an answer.

Third-person: Press ctrl
Weapons: Download moar from toybox

Fixed my vehicle problem. Thanks!

I still need an answer for the weapons problem. I don’t feel like typing impulse 101 in the console on every startup.

Still, toybox

But impulse 101 is shorter…

Maybe it has something to do with a server you played on? Most servers restrict tools to Phys. Gun, Camera and Tool gun…

I think I might have a fix for you, hold down q and go to the right hand side of the screen and in utilities or admin settings something like that. then in one of the options there is a weapons option uncheck that. Sorry for not explaining it in greater detail I’l go on gmod soon and edit my post better.