Weapons - NOT MODERN

The post apocalyptic horror game “metro 2033” feature hand made and very crude weapons, I think this would work much better than M4s and MP5s.
Plz dont give hate because this sort of thing has been asked of before.

This makes a lot of sense, since we forge these weapons in makeshift furnaces with little metal bits. I imagine they’re going to use these stock models until they get features and game play squared away. The polishing comes after this.

Of course, but I figured putting a slight base down for ideas is a good place to start

I agree, since its post apocalyptic, it would suit the theme. And maybe the polished factory made guns could be gained by military airdrops.

Pipe bomb thrown or planted, jars of toxin (similar to rad but does health damage if you are in the vicinity) Sling shots, wood crossbows, metal arrows, makeshift weapons that shoot jagged metal frags at people, molotov cocktails soo mannyyyy ideas

I’m confused. We assume that the area we live in isn’t an island or some back woods country. We assume that it’s present day. We also assume that this is a post-apocalyptic world.

That said, with air drops giving us supplies… I don’t see why you guys don’t think modern weapons would be used. Maybe not M-4’s and MP5’s (which is why I have been calling for AR-15’s instead)… but it’s perfectly reasonable that these weapons would be used.

If the US went upside down in a post-apocalyptic setting… nearly everyone would have a modern gun. There’s a gun in so many homes here… that it would be like the wild west (people walking around with guns out).

I’m more concerned with how we make them, can remember recipes, and that M-4’s are too easily available.

But your forgetting we all start out naked and have caveman rocks and have to make all this stuff, this is what my input was refering to

I’d have to agree with this. No one can just craft an MP5 of M4 with random metals. It would be cool if we had to build crude rifles and stuff but it might be too much a pain in the ass to implement.

i’d like to see the ability to craft guns completely removed, and only have them supplied on airdrops.
as it is there are way too many guns now…

i would like to see people crafting and using bow and arrows – and the odd person acquiring a gun from a supply drop or two. (should even be rare in those drops).

It would fundamentally change the game from an FPS shooter with wooden huts (that it is now) into an actual survival game.

We’re currently working on that!

We’re only two 3D guys so far, so progress can be slow at times.


No Offense OP, but these threads are a dime a dozen.
They are getting around to it.

Ive seen you on youtube! Ur awesome!
Keep on the good work man.


Do you mean a weapon system like in Blacklight Retribution?
Where you can build your weapon out of a receiver, mag, barrel, stock etc.?
I think that would be a good idea because everyone is able to build a weapon his own way then.

I think the first thing that has to be done is adding a sniper.
Like a SVD Vimpel (Dragunov) or even better a Kar98 or a M14.

Have Fun,


A non-scope bolt action rifle would be great, but scoped sniper rifles could seriously damage the game.

I really like the idea of kludge guns in Rust but I have one thing to say to this specifically:

kids make guns with their bare hands in caves.


That’s true, but those kids live in war torn countries where they probably hear gunshots daily, assuming that we (the player) are your standerd person, nothing special. They wouldn’t know how to make guns. If I woke up on an island with 200 metal fragments, and a table with 2 bags on it, there is no way I could make that into a gun.

Assuming you are not Macgyver

goddamn that’s some sexy modeling

Thank you.

Not bad… Not bad at all…Fucking awesome…