Weapons On Back?

I tried searching around and I couldn’t find anything but an RP server with this feature. Does anyone know if there is a plugin or code kicking around for this?

I remember an addon like this a few years back, but it never worked very well.

If you have some spare money, you can always ask to have it made over in the Lua recruitment thread.

I know there’s one on garrysmod.com but I can’t seem to find it…

You could possibly set the world model to not draw, and get the weapons world model and draw it parented to one of your player model’s bones, like the Spine3 for example.

But when I think of it, it would probably take some work to get it with every weapon.
You’d probably have to specify rotations and offsets for it also.

ya seems like a massive tweak project thats why I was wondering if its been done, shockingly I can’t find much on it.

You can achieve something like this with PAC

Would be great, especially for things such as RP or TTT.

PAC2 works great for doing stuff like that.

Not sure if it still works/what you’re exactly looking for, but there’s this.

Is this pac2? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=111376

And i will check out that code you sent me Shadow tyvm guys!

this is only a skin for the pac2 addon :slight_smile:

For those that want it, here is a link to PAC2. PAC3 is in development, and I believe there is a beta of it available.

I found the wep on back mod.