Weapons should do more damage

I feel like weapons in this game don’t do enough damage. For example whilst in a firefight yesterday, I took 3 shots to the head within 5 seconds and was still up with 15 health to spare… from bolts. In my opinion a headshot should kill you instantly within its respective tier, by this I mean a bow should not one shot a metal facemask, however a AK and bolt should. Here’s something like I was thinking.

Bolt and AK one shot everything
Semi rifle, tommy, custom, and semi pistol one shot coffee can/bucket helmet and below

Or something to that effect. I personally don’t understand why Garry and his team are making animals more realistic whilst making damage figures very out of proportion. I also feel like guns doing significantly more damage will make the game more tactical and somewhat prevent large teams gang banging smaller groups. On the server I play on the larger groups roam with about 20 people or so. Logically about 2 or 3 AK clips would kill them all. But it would take somewhere in the area of 6 maybe 7, and depending on your accuracy maybe even 8. But if a team of 3 were to out maneuver them and get the first shots off on them theyd be able to take them down with a relatively even fight.
Aside from all that I personally think its kinda dumb that a AK out shoots a custom or tommy at close range nearly everytime. Only thing i can think of to help this is maybe maybe it so you run faster with certain guns out and a quicker scope in time for the lighter guns.
Just my opinions and wondering if other people feel the same way

I agree on the headshot part they are very random atm yesterday i gave someone 2 headshots with the ak (He had an Bucket helmet) he turned and gave me an 1 shot with his ak (i was wearing a metal Facemask)

I have to disagree on the SMG stuff personally i tend to win more often with an Custom on close range against an AK.

I sit in a tower with a bolt and a 4x scope loaded with HV rounds and I one shot people all day. I don’t think they need to buff anything to be honest, if they were to buff it even more you could one shot a naked in the foot.

I have to disagree because I feel like they already do so much damage but it might be just because there is so much bleeding and takes too long with a bandage to fix it.

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But if they fix the headshot consistincy problems then I think your problem will be fixed

Guns are weak, but I think the med system is also a problem. People just need to take cover for a few seconds and they can be back to full health quickly.

Sitting in a tower sniping nakeds aint really fun for the naked tho

Headshots must be much deadlier. In legacy you need only 1 headshot and 1 chest shot with the M4 for a kill. A bolt headshot must kill someone. Metall Facemask and the chestplate are to strong at the moment. The big protection of the armor makes fights against larger groups much harder.

If you died from 1 shot from say the AK/Bolt to the head or chest while wearing Metal Face/Chest then why waste our time even wearing the armor?

Might as well just make armor a cosmetic thing if they do something like that. Then you would see naked’s having big gun fights because the armor would be a waste of resources.

Play some Battle Royale where everyone walks around in armor and 100 health… You will learn soon enough to not use HV ammo, or silencers for that matter.

There is something wrong as I used to be afraid at all times in the original Rust. Armor is too effective. You should be at the edge of death at all times. Armor should help but only a little bit.

Make it cheaper but less effective. That would also help the low tier guns to have any use. People now run around fully geared with 3 weapons. Nobody ever felt that safe in the original.

I agree, full armor fights feel a little bit to much like playing TF2, especially while popping healhpacks. And the good armor is a little to expensive to really use as singleplayer aside from on the roof. Cheaper and less effective seems a good direction.

“For the soldier, the disappearance of the protective helmet proved to be medical disaster, and the rate of head injuries rose considerably. A black powder musket could indeed fire a ball fast enough to penetrate a steel helmet but only at very close range. A musket ball produced approximately 350 foot-pounds of energy (474 Joules) upon impact, and the amount of impact energy required to penetrate a steel helmet is approximately 300 foot-pounds (406 Joules). The impact energy of a musket ball, however, dissipates quickly after the first forty yard and then drops off exponentially. At a hundred yards, the impact energy is far less than that required to penetrate a steel helmet.
The impact energy of a musket ball at even two hundred yards is easily enough to penetrate an unprotected skull but insufficient at that range to penetrate a helmeted skull.” From between flesh and steel.

Muzzle energy of 5.56 amunnition is between 1490 Joules (carbine barrel) and 2000 Joules (standart assault rifle). 5.56 was designed to penetrate steel helmets at 600 meters with a standard M-16 but some of the most recent studies indicate that with a common 16″ barrel, M855 ammunition has severely degraded performance past 150 yards and is only effective to about 500 meters.

I think it may be good for the pvp inmersion to use some of this.

I miss the boltys Power

The SMG is laughably weak. I’ve used it a few times in a few Battlefield servers and it does nothing even when I get the drop on someone.

AK is WAY too inaccurate. It shouldn’t even be a full auto gun. Even tapping it feels like shooting an elephant gun.

The M249 is fine. Inaccurate when standing, good when crouching.

The Bolt Rifle should absolutely rip through people and reward accurate players.

Bullet damage drop off should be cut in half.

500 meter kills are very rare, my personal highest being only 410. And the highest ive seen was 460 or so.

They used to, it sucked way better now

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And most of the time my bolt is 1 shot.trust that it’s better where its at

the custom is very strong while the thompson does suck

This should be the purpose of HV ammo, piercing armor at long range. Regular 5.56 should pierce often at short range.

lol true, we build by the airfield and wait for them to loot the place. When they’re done, we kill them and send someone out to go pick their body of stuff lol. Easier to loot one corpse than run through the airfield and hit all the boxes.

Yep, nakeds are just people trying to look like they don’t have anything.