Weapons Showcase / Guide!

Hope it helps…

Nice video. Most of it is common knowledge for regular players but this could set a beginner on the correct path.

A few remarks though:

  • if you really want to compare weapons, don’t use the silencer attachment; afaik, silencers reduce the damage and range of a weapon
  • the M4 you have only has one slot fo weapon modifications, but not all M4s are limited to 1 slot; you could find or craft one which has multiple slots available!

You kinda fell short with those nade tosses. They smart pretty bad.

Cant even begin to describe how you can fail so hard man but yea this could help some sheep out i guess

Wtf ?

i noticed you said the m4 can ONLY have 1 mod slot because its so overpowered… wtf is that shit? you can get them up to 5 slots like every other gun XD