Weapons sometimes don't play their fire animation

In my SWEPs, if you fire them fast enough, they won’t play their fire animation until they play another animation (such as reload, draw, etc).

If my memory serves this is a long standing problem and it is triggered by the weapon trying to play the same animation twice in a row. I have a workaround for it where I play the idle animation just before the gun is ready to fire again, but this feels inelegant. The point of this thread is to ask if there is a better “standard” solution available.

Does it try to play the animation before the animation finishes and break that way? If so, you might want to add a delay until you can fire again until the animation finishes, logically it’d be like that anyway, right? Unless it’s automatic? Am I understanding wrong?

Logically, sure. But from what I see is that the animation just halts entirely. It doesn’t finish the previous animation. This is most noticeable on shotguns where, if the delay is set to be faster than the time it takes to pump, then if you fire midpump the shotgun just goes straight to its idle position and sits there, and doesn’t play the fire animation even if you wait a good five seconds before firing again.

That is extremely odd, I wish I knew how to help you more, but SWEP bases are not exactly my thing…it’s weird that it gets stuck on the old animation, I wanted to get into a SWEP base but lost motivation before I could.