Weapons sound bug

Hello, when playing some TTT I discovered that my weapon sounds (CSS) were fucked up.
You might want to turn the volume down

Anyone know a fix?

I’m having the same issues. it’s annoying as a motherfucker.

same issue, but its with the m16 main fire sound, and the loud n kill

Same exact issue here. Well not exactly the same, but reloading animation is instant, but the firing sound is just as terrible.

Now I am in the process of completely reinstalling Garry’s Mod. Hopefully it’ll work.

Also has Garry’s Mod transitioned into some new location in the Steam folders? For me, I think it’s always been Steamapps/Username, and not Steamapps/common.
I am not sure where it SHOULD be right as of NOW when it’s reinstalling, but like I said hopefully it’ll get it right.

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okay EDIT: Reinstalling Garry’s Mod completely fixed this problem for me.

And it reinstalled it into Steamapps/Common this time.

Also many scripting errors were had and disconnections when joining a server, but on the 3rd attempt it went through and everything seems to be working.

I discovered that before, thanks anyways