Weapons spawing in map

I am working on a gamemode,
I would like weapons to spawn in the map as at the moment only about 5 weapons spawn in the map.
I am using CSS Realistic Weapons for my weapons and have renamed them to ‘weapon_WEAPONNAME’ unlike the default ‘weapon_real_cs_WEAPONNAME’.
How would I be able to edit it the map or make it so that weapons do actually spawn in the map?

I am assuming then that no one knows how to do this?

It’s been requested in several other threads, maybe you should look through them.

You can just edit the map, name the gun entities right and they should spawn correctly ingame even if they show up as obsolete in hammer. So name an entity weapon_WEAPONNAME and if all the files are in the right places then they will load and work correctly. There was some ttt wep placer but I’m not sure if that works for other gamemodes.

Why edit the map if you can do it in lua?

I thought you were able to but not sure how.

Thanks for all the help given so far as well

You can use ents.Create

local Weapon = ents.Create( "weapon_crowbar" )
Weapon:SetPos( Vector( x, y, z ) )

Ah ok but how would I get the coordinates for where they spawn?

getpos in console

This may only replace entities and not create them I am not sure but the code might be worth looking through.