Weapons stretched out and blurry?

For some reason whenever I play Gmod and get into the simplest of maps or any maps for that matter, my weapons are stretched and blurry. Also pistols shotties and machine guns are invisble unless fired. I tried reinstalling and no luck? Any help?


Also to add, Garry’s Mod WAS running normal before this.

Computer info:
HP Pavilion Slimline
Intel Pentium Processor E5200
3GB System Memory
320GB Hard Drive
Intel GMA 3100 Integrated Graphics
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology

Please supply the specs of your computer.
And the temperatures of your graphics card under load, as well.

“Artifacting”, as this is called, is usually a sign of a dying/failing/overheating graphics card.

Edited post with Computer Information

Well there’s no graphics card in that puppy, thats for sure.
Ninjas, has this happened in other games?

Not at all. All other games run fine, including Half-Life 2 as far as I know.

I assume all your integrated graphics drivers have been updated? Sorry, these are really basic questions but they at least help us get past the possible problems.

Looks like something is overheating, but I have a HD Radeon card and I had really bad artifacts because the drivers were so bad. Also what other games, Half Life or similar source games?

Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Lost Coast, Zombie Panic Source, Zombie Master, Alien Swarm, and others.

Zombie Panic Source is a great game. And those still run fine today? Have you checked the temps and see if anything is starting to get out of the comfort zone?

Yes all my other games do. No blurred objects or any blunders as far as I know. I can take screenshots if you want.

It looks like all the vertices are going towards the map Origin? Are you sure you have no faulty lua addon(although that is rare.) Perhaps try with a vanilla copy of GMod?

I have a legit copy of Garry’s Mod… I bought it off steam along with Half-Life 2… And what do you mean lau addon?

This will be of no help to you but, the exact same thing happens to me…

Damn man, I feel sorry for you too, since we’re in the same boat… I want to make some Machinma movies so badly and test out some new addons I downloaded but I can’t because my game is fucking up with stretchy weapons. And the funny thing is, EVERY other game works just fine with no problems at all?! What the hell!?!

When commander204 says “Perhaps try with a vanilla copy of GMod”, he isn’t implying that you pirated it or anything, he’s suggesting that you uninstall Gmod through steam, delete your Garry’s Mod installation folder, and start a fresh (vanilla means original unedited version) installation.

When he refers to a LUA addon, that just means addon (since they all pretty much run off of LUA script).

Ahh, okay. Thanks a bunch for clearing that up for me. I will try that out and post the results asap!

No problem, hope the install turns out normal.

Okay I just deleted local content and its now downloading. Am I uninstalling it properly?

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, if you purchased the computer from Dell, HP, or whatever check there for updates, otherwise check the Intel site (http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support?iid=hdr+support)

Just deleted local content and downloaded again…SAME DAMN STRETCHY WEAPONS AND FUNNY COLORS so it still didn’t help… Unless I didn’t uninstall the game properly?

when you “delete local content” it does not delete the garrysmod folder, so if you want a complete uninstall you’d have to delete that too steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod