Weapons tab

How can i make the weapons tab NOT draw in the Q menu?

That or how can i make no weapons draw inside of it.

Schumacher is clueless.

Yea, I was actually wondering this to.

You would have to fiddle with the spawn menu code, and remove the weapons tab.
I can’t be arsed to find it now, fairly busy working on a big weapon pack :dance:
It should be some simple code like

Spawnmenu.Draw_weapons = 1/0

or something like that. Not very sure, never took a look inside of that :pervert:

No. Probably he would have to remake the spawnmenu.

Depends on whether or not Garry decided to add a function or bool value which you can override or change.

spawnmenu.GetCreationTabs().Weapons = nil should do it. :3:


Or break everything :saddowns:


Only one way to find out. :v:


But yeah, where would you put that? In lua/autorun ?

dunno, any clientside file that’s gonna be run.