-Weapons that would make game better-

I think a good element to the game is having a good amount of different weapons, her is some ideas.

  • sling shot- should be like the first weapon a new player should got. It should be pretty cheap and stones are the ammo
  • musket- I think this game is unique because how you start as cave man kinda of. And when you make progression you get closer to modern technology. I think added a musket would be pretty cool because there is no rifle yet that is in the first age of guns(pipe shotgun, revolver, ect) anyways you make packets that takes paper, gun powered and metal fragments/stones for ammo.
    -crossbow- I think crossbows would be good because it provides accurate shot and a powerful shot too. But It takes longer to reload. But it’s still a upgrade from a bow
  • spear- it should be very easy to make and you can throw it too. Should deal a good amount of damage when projected.
    -Knife/dagger- more of a tool than a weapon. Because I think that a knife should skin and loot a animal the fastest. Also it offers a quick jab to your enemy.
    -sniper scope- not a weapons but acually makes a bolt action a real sniper. Good for stealthy approaches to enemy’s.

The all the ideas I had in the top of my head. Please comment some of your good ideas. Please add this, this is what the people want.

Oh and one more thing: please make it where you can change which keys the console ( command box thingy) can come up, many of my friends’ F1 keys are literally broken so that would be a good solution. Basically add more freedom to changing your keys.

Dubstep gun

Something like a Bolas or a net launcher to slow or hinder your enemies would be interesting. No damage perhaps, just a bit of a CC effect. It would be useful for chasing and escaping, and would be a unique addition.

As far as Slingshots go, did you mean Sling or Slingshot op? Either would be a cool low tier weapon that could be made from leather, with stones as ammunition, or possibly grenades.

unless you take this crossbow model there would be no benefits of getting an crossbow since they are weaker than normal bows just easier to learn

Slingshot would be great. As would a spear and crossbow.


Oddjob’s bowler hat.

Trip mines.

What the hell do your friends do to their keyboards? And why should software be designed around people with knowingly-damaged, not-replaced hardware? :v:

Slings shots were already confirmed on the trello website. “Slingshot, yes, definitely” Garry newman. just my opinion scopes on weapons seems to be stupid I like iron sights on my rifle because it adds a more realistic feel to the game.

https://trello.com/c/uMWSkVXU/118-from-devblog-10 - more proof and other things.

Rickels…you do realize that having a widely available electronic sight on a rifle is just as realistic as iron sights? And I don’t think they should add a sniper scope…I don’t think people will enjoy getting "360 hedshoot noescoeped " by a codkiddie

says the guy with the name “voDKa#_swag”