Weapons w/o textures or sounds

I added the Nyan Cat gun to my TTT server. Only a select few people can see and hear the gun. Others can only see it. Then there’s a few other people who don’t see it or hear it. Why?

The other issue; I have added two regular weapons to the server. But they appear as errors unless the person downloads them, themselves.

Keep in mind, all of this is from the Workshop. Yes, I have the server host linked with the collection I have for the workshop.

Sounds like you don’t have a Fast DL set up, or if you do, set up wrong.

workshop doesnt need fastdl.

edit: make a resources.lua file in your lua/autorun/server, then put IF server then resource.AddWorkshop(“workshopid”) end, make sure all your files are in right spot and addons folder has the nyan gun, may i ask what your server IP is?