Dear developers,

Why are there weapons in the game like shotguns, rifles, pistols, C4’s and grenades etc.?

It makes no sense to me, it makes the ‘end game’ (which is reached in about 1 hour max. BTW) meaningless in my eyes. It makes raiding and PvP too easy and boring. Rust states to be a “SURVIVAL” game, but Facepunch better picture Rust as a first person shooter. The game would be way more awesome when the developers would delete the overpowered ‘high-tech’ weapons and keep the standard weapons like the spear and bow with arrows. Also, the game, since it’s based on survival, should be more hardcore and be more focused on survival in nature. This could be reached when the game is more based on terraforming, building and co-operating.

Anyway, my main issue with the game are the overpowered weapons. Don’t get me wrong, I already got the game since the first release of Rust Legacy and I loved it ever since, and still. But Facepunch throws away so much potential with this game.

I do not know why, but I am beginning to think the same way.

Rust should be renamed to Counter Strike “Survival”

Server mods. They exist for this exact reason. And as soon as facepunch gets around to adding in a block button, I’ll be starting up on the first primitive server I find.

This game should be survival w/o M249s, Aks, C4, choppers, tactical gear, etc.
All weapons should be primitive like eoka, water pipe, clubs, knives, swords, machetes.
No building grades above stone with maybe sheet metal shutters.
It needs to be a grind for survival and that would make for more clans/friends having to band together for survival and as well make those groups more loyal to one another as allies depending on each other.
The only modded server should be Battle Royale under the same above ground rules.

This post and the comments on it literally gave me cancer. There are so many things wrong with what’s been stated in this post i don’t even know where to start slaps forehead

Completely agree. The Counter Strike aspect of the game is a disgrace.

I think raiding with stone-age-tools looks pretty boring. I dont want to be in the situation that i use a stonehatchet for 6 hours on a simple wall…

If you reach all endgame weapons too fast, then look for vanilla or official servers. I am quite sure, that it will take a little bit longer to be very well prepaired for raids.

If you dont like pvp, then i would advise you pve servers or start playing lego :wink:

sincerly moikahl

(sorry for my bad english, im german)

There are servers that are exactly like that, search for them.

I think guns should just be a whole lot harder to obtain, and very difficult to find blueprints for.

The developers of Rust will not just throw out all of the guns of Rust because you don’t like how easy it is to get them.

They put countless hours of work into each gun, detailing them, and crafting them. I don’t think the many developers who worked on those animations and models, who put in so much hard work into them, would like for all of that work to be for nothing.

If weapons crafting took longer, or crafting of weapons were removed it would add to the mid/long term aspect of the game.

did you actually play legacy though? because most of the primitive gear we have in the new version is actually absent from the old version, while the guns have always been a major part of it.

i agree that they are perhaps too easily obtained. and i would be tempted to make most of the higher tier guns salvaged but not crafted. but all this is tweaking; removing them would be changing a massive element of the game that has been present since the start.

I’d love a modded server with only primitive weapons and 100-150 users.

Especially now when a semi-automatic rifle can be obtained by crafting 1 hour into the game after starting with a rock and torch, if the player avoids death the first hour of playing and is effective.

By the way, all the talk about “mid game” and “end game” etc. is funny now. When I start (on a vanilla server with 100-150 players) I can get a well hidden stone house 2x2 or similar with armored door, furnace, repair bench and semi-automatic rifle within 1 - 1 1/2 hour of playing after starting with a rock and a torch, if I don’t run into the wrong people several times in a row. Then on it’s mostly just adding to what I have until the next wipe and building more bases, even bigger ones without loot, because few people bother to raid the small bases. There’s not really a lot of storytelling in the game now as it’s to easy to establish.

When guns are harder to obtain then the game will be more and more unbalanced. Only large clans run 24/7 with ak and kill all the bow guys.

It already exists. No guns (maybe Waterpipe and Eoka), no C4, no explosives, no sheet or armored metal, and… drumroll… KOS is forbidden. Yeaaah

Weapons RULE :smiley:
Don’t delete those, and don’t assume that the begin/mid game is useless either. The game is in alpha and so game elements will still be added. The way I understand it, is that the barrel/box blueprint grind, will be replaced/extended with a skilltree. Skilltrees means that not all weapons can be used or crafted right away and will thus extend the begin/mid game.
Another thing that I assume will happen, is something like in WoW. There are low level and high level areas, low level players have no chance to survive in high level areas, and high level players have no possible gains in low level areas and this, plus pvp disabled towns, ballances that begin/mid/end gameplay. Now ofcourse Rust is no WoW, and Rustpvp no WoWpvp, but some barrelareas or radtowns can still be considered high level areas, and high level players have nothing to gain from traveling to nowhereland to raid twigwalled, wooden doored huts. Both high end and low end weapons are great, add nukes as well… would be awesome… building those nuclear facilities and defending them with massive clans :smiley: and there would be no chance on earth that they would spend all those resources by dropping it on a twighouse :slight_smile: High end + low end can be in perfect harmony… just needs to become a little more streamlined, but to me it seems like the puzzlepieces are falling in place :slight_smile:

What’s it called? No KOS is a silly rule, though.

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This is probably the worst wishlist for the future of Rust I’ve ever seen. High level areas goes against everything the game Rust is, and nukes… come on.

Why is that. Wouldn’t it be correct to describe an area with for example a larger and agressive clan, that has higher tier weapons then you and your buddies, as a ‘high level area’?

They have kos and raiding only allowed on weekends or something like that.

well may you need try other games. Rust is about survive, but is after our on tech level, and all guns are actually really normal. maybe need more tiers and better upgrade craft tier. wood workbench make stone tools, stone workbench make firsts metal tools, simple metal workbench make medium metal tools, and beyong with some kind of this i agree but not remove the craft factor or even the entire weapon system. When you are on the top, like humans. Just other humans are to dangerous to us. If u Know how to farm food and water, the rest is being better ways to do it, and survive from other humans trying to kill us.