So i am making custom weapons for my server but the slight issue is, you only see then end of the barrel. What SWEP. Line do i need to make it look you know better, hopefully this screen shot explains the issue better than i can…

SWEP.ViewModelFOV = 54
with that you can modify it.

i have that all ready done if i make the FOV bigger it looks longer and bad.

Is that a custom model? It could be too far from the origin

 SWEP.Base = "weapon_cs_base2"

SWEP.Spawnable = true
SWEP.AdminOnly = false
SWEP.Category = "CivilisationRP Weapons"

SWEP.ViewModel = "models/weapons/v_pist_fiveseven.mdl"
SWEP.WorldModel = "models/weapons/w_pist_fiveseven.mdl"

SWEP.Weight = 5
SWEP.AutoSwitchTo = false
SWEP.AutoSwitchFrom = false
SWEP.ViewModelFlip = true
SWEP.ViewModelFOV = 60
SWEP.HoldType = "pistol"

It was a model on my server and i dont have any swep packs.

use models/weapons/cstrike/c_pist_fiveseven.mdl instead of v_pist. that way you can use the arm system.
try to lower the Viewmodelfov. 54 should be okay, tbh. That is the one also used by nearly all other 57 i know of.