Wearable Hats Pack

:siren: WARNING!! HATS INVASION!! :siren:

:siren:Okay, im really sorry.
The new code is a bit modified from NoxNet by JetBoom.
Because, i found this code in my cache/dua foldier, and i dont even know what that was from NoxNet

So all credits for the original code to JetBoom:siren:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTkkR7t45DY (sorry for the merged video)
All hats at 2:50

Turtle hat (CSS model)
Cone hat
Monitor head
Antlion head
Barrel head
Bucket hat
Pot hat
Microwave head (CSS model)
Pumpkin hat (Ep2 model)
Scull head
Chief’s hat
Snowman head (CSS model)
Welding helmet (Ep2 model)
Hat form de_tides (CSS model)
Combine head (Gmod model)


Usual hats


TF2 hats + bonus (both colors)




Have a fun!

Awesome, no custom models!

I was expecting this to come up soon. I hope you didn’t just copy the headcrab hat code, change the model, and make a few tweaks for each hat.

I like though I’m going to check it out.

Awesome, Downloading now. :3

I’ve made a bit better code for each hat (except scull, welding helmet and combine head)

This is amazing.

Why isn’t there a base hat! Daww, so much repeat code :frowning:

Nice though, similar technique to my hats with the clientside stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

nothing works expect welding hat ad combine hat. do i need to dl the headcrab hat aswell?only skull, welding and combine hat works

i got the orangebox

Turn on camera (tool), wear a hat, turn around on 360°

uh okay i try that

Does it work or…


Does not work at all. No hats show up. Custom models or built in Gmod models, don’t work.

Can someone tell me how to spawn these to a specific player via lua? is it something like?:

function hat( ply )
concommand.Add(“hatme”, hat)

Can someone tell me how to ACTUALLY make the hats work?


Ok so wait. You can only see them on CAMERA? Not in third person? Well…that’s…dissappointing.

They don’t even work in third person for me…

Make the hat gibs from tf2!

This add-on has potential.

If it showed in third person it would be 1000000x better

If it worked at all it would be good period

You need to use the camera tool too show yourself.

That doesn’t work, genius.