Weather effects, has it been confirmed? Do you want it?

How much weather effects like rain, storms and heatgazes do you guys wich for? Is it important for you guys or just something that you could live without?
I personally, cannot. I just love sneaking around guards and people in the rain, hiding behind rocks, walls and grass, wiating for the moment to strike.

I’m fine with rain.
Hope they do that soon.

I like the idea of having seasonal effects like rain, snow, etc. Like we can make a calender and track the days.

I would love rain, always been a rain guy in real life so I support it.

well it is a survival game and weather effects must be in it like thunder,rain,etc.

Tornados, Hurricanes,…

I would like that.

I got some ideas.

Lighting/thunder storm: Lighting shocks in random places lightly shaking nearbly players maybe making them dizzy/ Thunder and block out footsteps making sneaking up on someone in these conditions easier and rain makes you cold.

Snow/Blizzard: Limits vision, makes you cold. If exposed without clothing to long could take deadly effects.

We could also have things like earthquakes or in the new patch even thicker fog making it hard to see even medium range distances

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Not sure how tornados would float around in this community.

omg yes! i want it too now that i think about them xD they cuold send you flying or destroy your houses do it now!

Yeah a lightning strikes you and you become dizzy. :v:
I would prefer a 50/50 chance to die, maybe even higher.

And trust me, they will hate and love tornados.

Would be so cool if you could track footprints in the snow… winter would be awesome!

That would be cool. Would make it much easier to follow those pesky kevlar bandits.

Yes, the people that want them will be called fanboys or something and the people that don’t want them will be called carebears…

It’s too bad

I feel a army of carebears coming are way then because tornados will piss some people off. I can already imagine the huge metal bases being blasted down while my shack in the mountain stands tall and proud!

I can smell the performance issues.

Weather of any and all sorts will be most welcome indeed.

a wise man once said…

Would make sense to make it so that footsteps decay after say, 2-5 minutes due to the snow drifting - that would reduce, or at least lighten the heavy stress it might cause :slight_smile:

As if there isnt any now. . . . . Its sad really that you cant see a storage box from 20 feet huh. . . . .

Blowouts would be awesome. The low rumbling/lightning stage at the beginning and end is actually not too harmful, just scary and lowers your situational awareness due to all the noise and flashing. During this time you’re supposed to be running your ass off to the nearest shelter. At about 1:15 you can see the actual blowout. If you haven’t made it to shelter by this time, it’s bad news. (As you can see by the bird falling out of the sky there.) Blowouts were extremely deadly, but kind of good too. They’d kill anything outside, including mutants, and they’d create anomalies randomly around the landscape.

In STALKER you’d have to run to get under the nearest rock, and fight other STALKERs that ran under said rock. It would be fucking bad ass in Rust.