Weather Possibilities???

How do you guys feel about having weather in the game?

Or seasons?

One more cool thing would be ghillie suits to match each season. (Downfall is you cant hide in the grass because of the “grass.on false” command.

Weather would be awesome, I can’t imagine the game being released without it. I think they’ll add it when they can.

I dig this.

Pretty sure this will be in the game when released too. Just hope they add natural disasters. Tsunamis, Tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and whatever else. Would be sweet to have someones house torn down if it was wood. Just be another reason to build out of metal or stone. Would be awesome trying to hunt people during a thunderstorm.

Lose health if you do not switch from kevlar to a winter gear setup in the snow. I like it.

To be honest, weather makes up so much of the game’s atmosphere for me.

It really immerses you in the environment.

Different weather systems and exposure debuffs/protection would add so much to the game. At least for me. Go play Skyrim modded w/ Frostfall and tell me that shit wouldn’t be sweet in Rust.

weather would be nice but it could be quite taxing on fps.

I like the seasons I idea, you could have map variants(or procedural stuff if they go that route)of the map that cycles but keeps structures maybe adding snow to your house etc.

It’s a must have for every game that wants to be a survival game. Imho.