Web Address as Server Address?

I want to know if its possible to set an address on a server instead of an IP
kinda like: tfc.valvesoftware.com
before you ask yes we do have a domain

thanks in advance for any help

Make subdomain.domain.com point to the server IP. Then use subdomain.domain.com as the “IP”.

i was more talking about in game so that if someone looks up the server info the get subdomain.domain.com instead of 136.356.234.123:3449

I don’t believe you can. Not many games feature DNS substitution options.

would it be possible to code in DNS substitution? would it be server-side or client-side?

What you’re talking about is reverse dns

is that already in Garry’s mod? or would it have to be coded in and would the code need to be client-side or would it work server-side?

It’s a part of the internet

is there code in Garry’s mod that makes it so when they look at server info the see an address instead of an IP?


Doctor, are you sure this will work?

You have to setup Reverse DNS on the server itself, which requires you to have root access and to know what your doing.

Reverse DNS = Makes IP’s words.
Reg IP = Harder to remember.
Get it.

Something kind of related but is the source engine able to use IPv6 yet?

I would assume that the OS itself would be getting your IP, not the program itself.

the most you can do is add an A Record to your DNS server and have it point to the gameserver so people can add play.myserver.com or whatever and connect, but it won’t save or show up in the list like that.

The network cards in the OS have support for IPV6, but its if the source engine would allow you too connect to one or if the master server list will show them is my concern.

-Edit- Banana Lord i’m looking for a short domain for that purpose right now, as it would also allow me to move customers to different IP’s if needed. The only concern with this method is how quick DNS records would update unless sub domain changes are instant.

It really depends on how fast the DNS provider you have updates, and how fast the client’s DNS updates

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At least, that’s what I’ve been told

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Subdomain changes are treated like the base domain, DNS time doesn’t change

I was considering hosting my own DNS but im not sure if that would change the time for changes or not, as it would be lame to buy a game server with the name Mikesbuild.gsp.com then have to wait up to 24 hours for it work.