Web Administration Tool

Hi all,

Just thought I’d take the opportunity to post something I’ve been working on recently to combat the lack of in game admin flags (without mods). I’d love to gauge interest on whether or not I should release it.

If anyone would like to nominate their server for a trial run (mine has absolutely no playerbase) - I’d appreciate it.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/1JVNn

Ohh very nice job and idea :slight_smile: I know nice PHP, when you have support or help, contact me :slight_smile:

I would’nt mind testing it out but my server does not have much of a player base either 5 - 15 normally on. But good work anyways.

I like the idea and the clean layout.
Suggestion: Add a name for the project, needs personality xD

Rusted maybe a good name?

How about a competition for the name, winner receives their name credited on the about page.

Delight - I have added you to Steam, will have a chat when you’re on about adding your server to the list.

Are there any features that you would like to see? I’m going to update the original post with progress tracking.

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Added some nicer looking buttons to replace the text links for actions.

A level 1 user: http://puu.sh/71Vct.png
A level 3+ user: http://puu.sh/71VaV.png

I have also started work on the user management page now.

Level 5 user: http://puu.sh/71Wdn.jpg

would be nice to see server uptime as sometimes servers restart randomly and its pretty usefull to see whats go on. Btw I am normally on steam around 9pm - 12pm GMT.

Very cool
My advice, adapt this tool to the continued Rust patches to be more easy updates for you and for us.
And of course, do not hurry to release the tool. First of all fix all problems, bugs etc… we can wait :smiley:
Thanks for you time.

Do you have a repo for this? I would love to see how it works. As a Back End Engineer this is fascinating.

This looks like a great tool.it would be nice to have different level admins…I will be keeping any eye on this.thankyou

I’d love to test this out on my server, I always have about 30 players online, and this would help me out by A LOT when I’m in school and such :slight_smile: would be way better to quickly log on :slight_smile:

My steam is Shadezz23, add me if you want :slight_smile:

Shadiezz, I couldn’t find you by the Steam name you listed.

I’ll be working on the user management today/tonight. Once that is completed the overall functionality is there, a server owner will be able to manage sub-users for their server; thus trial runs will be ready. From there on, it’s all about adding extra functionality and bug-proofing and securing the code.

**Also, for the programmers wondering a little bit about the backend:

  1. MySQL connection and queries are through PDO with prepared statements and named placeholders.
  2. Password hashing is done via the crypt function using a blowfish salt.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. At this stage it wont be open source, however once it is released, or at least closer to finish; I’ll be thinking about whether or not I want to open it up.

oh wait, I’m sorry, its cause my steam id is Shadiezz… Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

I’m now currently testing it, and it’s pretty awesome, I’ll edit this later.

Updates from tonight:

After spending a few hours writing 300 odd lines of code for the user management section, I have finally finished it, tested and working. Phew, another thing off the todo list. I have also fixed and found multiple bugs, big ones listed below.

We now have two users utilizing the application for their servers, everything seems to be working well. If you’d be interested in registering your server and joining the club, feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll get back to you with a link.

User management:
Add user - http://puu.sh/73fHb.png
Edit user - http://puu.sh/73fJr.png

Points to note:

  • Users can only edit users of lesser level, this includes deletion

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where failing to connect to a server would throw an exception rather than a simple error.
  • Increased RCON library response time to combat timeout issues.

Bugs Found:

  • Servers with an empty banlist will throw exceptions and fail to connect.
  • Banlist regular expression is quite picky, when a server doesn’t have the “Banned by: <name>” in each entry - it wigs out.

Rather than a level based user system, why not implement a flagging system similar to the admin flags for Rust++?

This is already on my todo list; be it quite low. Right now I’m focusing on getting everything functional, secure, and stable. Once I have achieved that, I’ll release it to wider public and start rolling out updates like a flag system.

At the moment, the move away from levels to flags would be a fairly time consuming process when you include the testing that’d be involved, time I’d rather spend achieving my focus as mentioned above.

Thank you for the suggestion however. :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, I have settled on a name, for now… “RustPanel”. I think it suits the design of the application - simple and effective. Credit to Shadiezz for coming up with it.

Nice can’t wait for the release should give admins more options and better access from mobile devices

Progress has been limited - I’ve been busy with work for the last week as I’ll be going interstate for a month.

Contemplating releasing the source code and someone can just take over from where I’ve left off.

There are a few current bugs but hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge can fix it.

Well I suppose I can continue it, I’ve been itching to try and do something related to rust and I can use the server I play on to test the tool out. (owner trusts me)

Drop me a PM or add me on steam if you wanna talk about it.

Just sent you a friend request on Steam.