Web Based Dark RP Class Editor

***Version 1.9 is out. This is the Final Update until I finish the recode for Version 2. This fixes the newline problem, and returns back to HTML5 section tags. ***

I just made this really quick so I could make jobs faster for our server. I do know that there are plenty of Job Editors already, but most of the generate incorrect code.


I am still working on it. Yet it should completely work. Let me know of any bugs!

Example Generated Code:

TEAM_JACOB = AddExtraTeam("Jacob", Color( 100,120,255),{ "models/player.mdl", "models/other_player.mdl" },[[We love Jacob.]],{ "weapon_pistol", "weapon_bugbait" },"jacob",5,45,2,false,true)


This one’s better, has errorchecking.


I don’t mean to sound harsh, just, one faulty class, and, the entire share file fucks up, and you need to wipe it’s content, and add each class again. :sigh:

Mine does not have real-time error checking.
Yet mine looks better, it supports multiple player models, and it has a real-time color preview.

Deadeye might not had spent so much time on a fancy layout, being highly aware people come for the efficiency, not the artwork.

His supports all those things, and has errorchecking. So try again, Captain Macintosh.

It does not support multiple models as proven in the string generated from that below.

//Created using DeaDeye's Classmaker
TEAM_TEST = AddExtraTeam("TEAM_TEST", Color(5, 32, 14, 255), "{ "models/player.mdl", "models/test.mdl", "models/otherone.mdl" }", [[This is my description]], {"weapon_bugbait","weapon_pistol"}, "test", 4, 45, 0, false, false, false)

Also, real-time color preview would be showing the color changing as you change the values. That one does not. It has a color swatch for you to look at, and shows you the color after generation, not in real-time.

Anyways that aside, Version 1.7 is out, where you can put one model, weapon, and team per-line instead of using a lua structure.

Edit: Version 1.8 is out which fixes a small bug that breaks the generated code.

My main reason for not doing my models the same style as weapons, prior classes, etc is due to the adding of models from a list. I have been working on a rewrite to this which is going to be like yours in the way that I’ve removed all serverside processing, and used my own style as opposed to a rip off phpBB style.

Also, the color swatch is usually enough for most people. When it really comes down to it, most people who will use this will either already know the color exactly, or be able to find it on the color swatch.

Still, nice work there. Took advantage of CSS 3 to make a nice style, and I saw you tapping into HTML 5 until you changed those <section> tags into <div> tags. If you want to try using them, to fix that bug in Firefox, all you need to do is make sure they are displayed as blocks in the style sheet.

Thanks, I forgot about the display: block; fix. :confused:
I was coding one in C# but it was taking too long, so I coded this one.

I still like the JS real-time color preview. :slight_smile:

I am going to do a recode of mine with cleaner JS, and error checking, and whatnot.

I am hoping to do an entity editor, agenda editor, etc.

I would like to see what you come up with aswell. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not exactly the most up to date with HTML 5 myself, I’m slowly stepping in to it (the same rate as many browsers). I was experimenting with your site while it was using <section> tags with FireBug, and managed to fix the display using display:block.

Anyways, I wish you luck as well! I’ve been slowly working at this, hoping to fully take advantage of Javascript and jQuery.


Also, I found a small bug in your classmaker with the Required Teams portion.

TEAM_NINJA = AddExtraTeam("Ninja", Color( 100,120,255),{ "models/player/eli.mdl","models/player/odessa.mdl" },[[Sneak around stealing stuff.]],{ "weapon_mp52","weapon_p2282" },"ninja",3,45,0,true,true,{ TEAM_GRASSHOPPER,TEAM_APPRENTICE, })

Ohh, I see what I did now, I accidentally had an extra line break after the last one.

Yeah, but my app should be able to account for the extra line break, I am trying to fix that now.

I am going to switch it back over the section tags.

I want to add some jQuery animations in for somethings.

Edit: Version 1.9 is out. This is the Final Update until I finish the recode for Version 2. This fixes the newline problem, and returns back to HTML5 section tags.

Edit - 2: I am all for HTML5. I will already make sites completely with it.

Edit - 3: It doesn’t Generate Anything Yet but here is the Job Editor 2 so far: http://www.wiredforsexgaming.com/job_editor_alpha/

It is all HTML5