web browser

will the web browser be shut down to completely eliminate hackers. if so when?? thnxs doing great so far devs :stuck_out_tongue:

Allow me to attempt to interpret this. You are asking if the Unity Web Player version of Rust will be shut down?

If so, game’s on Steam now. No more browser playing.

Wrong. I just got no-clipped and watched the guy sky walk away a few times by the same guy on East Coast 2. His name was: Aestominal. He’s blatantly sky walking and no-clipping.

I do believe people have an option to play both Steam and web browser in which case the hackers that play web browsers can still enable their cheats.

I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess.

Web player is still up and people can still play on it. They can still connect to servers and play with people who are playing on steam.

Browser will be up til they make rust work on mac osx w/ steam.

Yes it will be shut down completely. They will be doing this “soon”. No date has been given. And they are still debating on wiping the servers when they do this due to new PlayerID’s from switching to steam. Your doors/sleeping bag/inventory that you have are all linked to the web client playerID and you can’t use them when you use steam. My guess is they are going to wipe everything because there will be a bunch of peoples building’s that people can’t access.