web cam map

all you do is plug in your cam and you will see it in the map

(could be impossible also its only for single player)

Impossible. (Atm)

You could maybe make it for single player, using a dll.

If it actually happened for multiplayer, Dr.Hax would be ALL OVER our ass.

well thinking about it, you could have something similiar to the youtube player but instead it streams from that website that allows people to create chatrooms with there webcam (cant remember the site), so i dont really think its “impossible”.

Yes it is. A webcam changes all the time, while a youtube video remains the same.

could you make it for me please



This could be done…i quite like the idea

No, you can watch livestream in the other webplayer addon for gmod, not the shitty youtube player one though.

you can…change some code and BAM

Somewhat possible with 2d3d html and a 3rd party site like ustream.tv

This interests me. Is the OP wanting like a cam chat or what?

that would be super cool