Web Commands - Open web pages with simples chat commands!

What is it?
Web Commands is an addon that let you configure a list of commands that will open web pages easily.

How do I add my own commands?
Well here is the configuration file, if you aren’t smart enough to figure it out by yourself then… Just give up :wink:

-- Do not put "/" or "!" in the command, it's detected automatically!

-- Syntax:
--  {"Command", "Description", "URL"},
web_commands_config = {
	{"forums", "Facepunch Forums!", "http://facepunch.com/"},
	{"wiki", "Garry's Mod Wiki", "http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Main_Page"} -- Make sure that the last line does not have a ","

How do I download it?
You click here. (MEGA.co)


  • 1.0
    • Initial release.

Looks nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

The last line can have a “,” in lua tables. It doesn’t matter if it’s here or not.

you sure? i know for a fact i’ve had to add them there before. i get a syntax error if i don’t. unless it was something recently added or something because i haven’t made the mistake of forgetting one for probably a year or more

[lua]local t1 = {
local t2 = {

Lua allows a trailing comma in table constructors. It’s optional.

Well, better safe than sorry.

Nice little module you got here.

Good job :slight_smile:

for some reason installing this disabled my pointshop…