Web Developer needed for server site!

I need someone to help me upgrade my site, its too basic. www.madservers2010.net
In return you get free super admin on my servers if you can help me with my website.

I think you would have better luck in the Web Development section on facepunch.

Here is a link:

thanks, i didnt see it!! Could a moderator please move this??

Saw this http://www.madservers2010.net/Admin%20Buy.htm and said fuck this.

I dont think many people will design and program you a website just for superadmin on a garrysmod server, you may want to add some sort of other payment, like money.

Upgrade your site? You used a fucking template to make a FORUM.

am lol


First off OP, your site is beautiful, despite just being a fancy template that anyone could install. Regardless, I lol’d for 5 minutes after seeing RoflWafflez’s link.