web: Updating API

Revision 44
Updating API Changed Files:
[li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/api.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/base.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/formats/xml.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/forum.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/result.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp_api.php[/li][/ul]
Added Files:
[li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/auth.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/getquote.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/login.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/newreply.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/popular.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/post.php [/li][li]vb4.facepunch.com/fp/api/modules/thread.php[/li][/ul]

Committed By John Du Hart

Can I use this API yet? Is there any documentation?


Huh? I could of sworn I replied to you.

In a nutshell: It’s not done yet, documentation will come later, the server it’s hosted on is having issues, should come with the update or in a followup.

Thanks for explaining the situation. :slight_smile:

Any E.T.A of this API or is it done when it’s done?

Probably best to approach it as a ‘it’s done when it’s done’.