Webgl / Sketchfab source files / Elysium AK47

I tried my best at getting this model and the textures with different firefox addons, different browsers,tools you name it.
Is it possible in any way to capture / rip the model from sketchfab ?
I am a big fan of Elysium and when i saw that my favorite weapon from the movie was actually made into a 3D model i knew i had to somehow get it.

If anybody can help out, it would be awesome. And im pretty sure im not the only one on this site that likes that weapon.

Here is the model : https://sketchfab.com/models/9101744f246147f6a1c561c3437234b1

And here is a video of it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct9K4BAr0Oo

Check this out:

So it seems with Sketchfab doesnt work with Chrome, it just shows the pre rendered shots.
With Firefox the popup does not appear.

Have you considered, you know, asking the dude to use his model/for the source files? I mean it’d probably be easier then trying to steal it behind his back, and depending on your reasons for wanting it, should be able to get his blessing.

Im not actually trying to steal it, but im contacting him and hope for the best.
My fear is most people that upload these kind of models don’t tend to share them unfortunately.

If you only wish to render some nice looking screens in SFM and not planning to distribute actual 3d model then i think he will agree to send it to you directly. As this is an easiest way you have to try it, you’ll lose nothing if he refuse anyway. Besides if he will find his stuff used without a permission then… well, i dont think he’ll be happy about it.