Webhost for fastdl


What webhost you used for your fastdl ? I need with diskspace 10giga or greater

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Never had a problem with NFO

I hope the 10gb isn’t all content for one server

Yeah, why exactly do you need so much space :v:

I used to use 123 systems but now I just host it on my vps my servers are running on. If you use the small webhosting I think it will be what you’re looking for and very cheap going at $4 a year!

He wants 10 GB of content on his FastDL. That means, 10 GB of content people will join when they join a server. Even though it being a shit load, let’s get into numbers.

The $4 year package only has 50 GB transfer. 50 GB transfer, means, 5 people download the full FastDL content, and server is rendered useless.

Go to nfoservers.com and get one of their webhosting plans. Can’t get any easier.

I doubt the 10GB would be for only FastDL.

NFO is probably the better deal if they are being honest - unlimited bandwidth and unlimited throughput, unlimited mysql databases and disk space, and unlimited email accounts - all for 2.99 a month.

Sounds amazing! There’s either a catch or they make enough money on their game hosting they can take a hit here.

Thank you for all your comments, I will look at server nfo see the plans, I use dropbox before, but it makes me a problem and I can not use the direct link

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You pay month per month for nfo ?

You don’t use Dropbox or 000webhost ? Free solution ? I know NFO must be the best, but I would not know if you have a free solution ?

My old server host (elpishost) automatically handled the fast download for me as a part of their service. Maybe NFO does this too?

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you’re not going to be happy with any free solution, don’t even bother; try a server host that will handle it for you

I do not use NFO for my servers, I just looking for a way to FastDL

who is your provider?

This is important ?

They might offer free hosting that the OP doesn’t know about. I know NFO provides free webhosting with their servers. That’s why.

Ho okay, i buy the NFO host for my serveur, thanks for sharing your comments