.webm format question

So, i’ve been throwing myself against the wall for about two days trying to figure out how to edit a .webm file, and im currently in the middle of trying to make a post with some videos so people can check some of my stuff out.
Problem is, my 38 second .webm file is 275mb and it’s at 1600x900 resolution. How do i resize a .webm so it’s not so huge file wise or size wise?

It’s almost scary how i literally cannot find a single way to do this. Not on google, Not on the WebM website, nowhere. I’ve contacted about 12 people so far with not so much as an answer. Is it simply impossible to edit .WebM?

I can’t think of an editor that takes WebM, either natively or through a plugin.

You can use VLC’s conversion stuff though, just do one of two things:

  • Make a conversion profile that’s WebM with no audio, run your current recordings through that. This will remove the audio and make your file a lot smaller.
  • Convert to some other format, open in your favorite editor, scale it down, convert back to WebM.

i use idealshare videogo to edit webm like trim, crop, rotate, merge, add or remove subtitle, watermark and etc.

or you first convert WebM to a more compatible video format for importing to video editing software like windows movie maker, imovie, sony vegas, adobe premiere, final cut pro and etc for editing webm files

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