WEBMOD (Web based mod no install required)

You can run the MOD on your server by going here…


Use the E-Mail demo@clanhost.com.au
Password is blank.

The MOD will not conflict with any other MOD and run beside other MODS due to pure RCON commands.
The MOD has not been affected by game updates so should work after all updates.
The MOD can run in the background and DB all players for you to review if you do not wish to use any of the features.
Format Re-Install your server, it wont affect WEBMOD. All money and settings are stored on our server.
Any bug fixes are done usually in 12 hours of notification. You can submit a support ticket by clicking support.
I am willing to take on any requests or ideas.

Server Name
Allows you to update the server name.

ShopMOD / Teleport
Enable Shop allow players to purchase Items or Teleport to unused areas on the map. You can set all locations.

Message of the day
Set the MOTD and how many minutes you want it to occur.

Manage Player
Gives you the options to kick, ban, unban.

Kick VAC players
If a player has any VAC ban, they will be kicked and banned. Set amount of days since ban.

Community Bans
If a player has a Community Ban from another server running WEBMOD then the player will also be kicked from the server with Community Bans enabled.

Clan Tag Protection
Prevents other players from using your clans tags.

Welcome back message
When a Player joins they are greeted.

Welcome back insult.
When a Player Joins they are insulted.

Goodbye Message
When a Player leave they are given a farewell.

Current players
Displays the amount of players and Admin’s when Join.

Secret Admin
Hides notifications of Admin join/leave and displays 0 Admin’s online.

Admin Kit
When a Admin Joins a kit is given.

New Player
When a brand new player joins the server they are given a once off starter kit.

Day 24/7
Enable all day server.

Prevent Decay
Prevents decay from occurring.

Prevent Tool Decay
Disables objects from decaying.

Set amount of time for airdrop ie. 5 - 60+ minutes.

Random Item Give away
Gives a random item from the Shop to a player at time specified ie. 5 - 60+ minutes.

Rcon command tool
You can send a rcon command via WEBMOD.

Database Logging
Display all online players.
Display all players ever joined.
Display all Bans.
Display all community bans.
Logs the amount of time players are on your server.

WEBMOD Main log
Log Player join/leave
Log Airdrops, MOTD,
Logs RCON Commands sent via WEBMOD.
Log all items bought from the shop.

you would still be extremely limited to only rcon commands though, but i guess there is potential

Sounds pretty cool for those who would like a basic (by basic, meaning Rcon limited), but easy to use mod that would take little to no effort to keep updated/running. I know there are many admin out there that prefer the minimalistic type game, and this would be something for them. I prefer getting my hands dirty, but this does have some potential.


I’m really looking for this web application.

When it will be released?


I have spent most of day coding and a bit here and there over the weekend. Re-writing the engine side of this is taking some time as it’s being made for universal people not just myself. A couple of issues iv run into with global times. I would say a couple of weeks until you can register your server. All the rest can be done in the background and still run live.


As with some web based modding that is being Developed this will be awesome for admins to use and hopefully make things easier

Any news?

This is like a less polished web applet version of “Rusty”. Not saying to stop the work you’re doing great, but you’d asked if there was anything out like this and there is it’s called Rusty.

I’d love this on my Galaxy S4. Admin while at work/away from a PC = Win.

Thanks for your replys.

Ok, well great news. I have been coding the engine all weekend and have it running stable on our server, running no mods.

I am looking for a server owner, to test with prefer a Aussie host. The testing is for DB logging and server communication. Over the next week I’ll be working more on the website side of things. PM me.


shouldn’t this be classed as WIP

All MODS are WIP.

First post updated, still looking for people to test, poke and prod.

1st post UPDATED.

1st post UPDATED.


Welcome to ClanHost WEBMOD for the RUST game.

Unable to open socket: Failed to parse address “” (0)

Check your entered the QUERY port not your game port. Make sure you have RCON access remotely.

1st post updated.

I have added a few things and fixed all bugs.
I am also testing a ShopMOD which has been running pretty well on our server… Link in 1st post.
I have also made the whole map open to build.

Feel free to join our server and test it out.

As requested, I have a demo page up and running…

Use the E-Mail demo@clanhost.com.au

The Shop is still inactive, but you can still demo it.

Is there a way for you to add a way to integrate a vote / redeem element to this mod?

Please elaborate.

But I don’t think that wouldn’t be too hard to do.