Website down or not working?

^^^^ ive tried a couple of times, but i cant get on this site, i dont know whats happening, or if the servers are down or something of the above, does anyone know whats happening!?

confirmed, same thing is happening to me. (Chrome)

Same for me, only first it told me that my account was banned.

Ive checked on internet explorer, and it still doesnt work! :’(

Same problem, checked with Mozilla,Explorer and Chrome.
Funny thing is, that i just bought the game yesterday :S

me 2 george

Same here!

They are updating something just give it some time.

OP if you read the information off the picture you posted it explains whats going on…

Will it take Minutes, hours or days?! Or years?!!!

Guys, the devs know about this and they likely wont respond. The site was down for more than 12 hours yesterday.

This time it looks like they broke their DNS config. That means the site probably wont be up for hours. It might even be 24 hours for some people.

At this point its a waiting game. Refresh every hour and check if they managed to fix it.

Give them some time, you can’t expect them to snap there fingers then POOF it’s done.

I think they update the website security lvl , because a guy hacked into a admin account and he turned down the website and the rust servers.

its back up

No-one hacked into an admin account. You can change a cookie to make yourself look like an admin - but you never actually are an admin and can’t see or do anything a normal user can’t do.

it’s a spaceship overthere! i dunno the controls!