Website for my logging and admin addon!

Ive made a logging and admin mod for my server and wanted to post this pictures of the website ive made for it.
Please feel free to say what you think about it.

Home page. Shows your username, status on server and should show status on servers when ive added that function.


IMPORTANT: do not reply with wow Server 2 is crashing a lot. Cause that server has a gamemode that my friend is working on.
Banrequest page:

Users page, first you need to select a user-type and then it realoads with ajax without realoding the page.

Userlist on owner user-type, actions you can make is set user status and ban the person but ban feture isnt added yet.

A ajax window shows up when you press the start(Set status)

Personally I think you need more stylesheets.

Would also be alot cooler if you did the website in Lua as well. I think there’s a lua implementation for php.

Yeah i know but im not as specially good with design :confused:
@Hoffa what benefits would i get from coding the site in lua?
PS. This is about the functions not the design :slight_smile:

If I can compare, it does better than TCAdmin in the sense that you can see server logs. Very good for something hand crafted.

Who said anything about benefits ? :v: It would just be more cool to have a lua website :stuck_out_tongue:

no one said anything about benefits :stuck_out_tongue: If it doesnt have any benefits i think its unnecessary.

Give it a theme and design open up Photoshop and start working or at least ask for help from someone who knows how and would like to do it for you.

Sorry I’m to busy to help you as I’m coding a gamemode.

@bfking i will

Dreamweaver if you aren’t good with designing. It’s a little easier than doing it from scratch, which I prefer, But Dreamweaver helps when you don’t/can’t design from scratch. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just some contribution of mine.

I looked at some tutorials and made this.
Is this nice?

Good enough :v:


I will start posting updates for the website part here now.

-Added a status check if you should ban or change status on a player. The player you should ban or change status on needs to be a lower rank.
-New design
-Android app added for android 1.5 and 2.1, support for 1.6 and 2.0 will no come!
-Added a list there current bans shows, time till unban(if permabanned it will display “Permabanned”)
-You can now permaban via website

any chance you will release this?

Didn’t you make a phone app for this or something? I remember someone did that privately.

Wow… Lol really Greasemonkey?

That’d be epic.

How did it even work…I mean how did it connect with the Garry’s Mod Server. I assume a Module or is there some other fancy way to do this.

One of my friends did. I just can’t remember if it was yuri or not.

Also, your friend is named a form of porn, just if you don’t know grea$emonkey.

On topic, release would really be epic, as in wow, really epic. The android app is just a great addon, however I have a suggestion: Add a button to the server so admins can contact the android app and vice versa, so imagine using your phone to remotely fix the server.

yeah Grea$emonkey it was me, but its only for android :slight_smile:

And to answer the question if i will realese this.
I will my admin mod, website and android app when im happy with them
Oh and to use the app you NEED to have my admin mod else it wont work!


It contacts a php script and the php script contacts the mysql db witch the gmod server add logs and such to.

Press the images to make them bigger