Website hosts for gmod communities

I need a website for my gmod community. I want it to have:

  • a forum
  • a page to buy vip with paypal
  • steam api for logins

So pretty much enjin but with steam api.

Anyone know where i can get this?

I haven’t seen this being made for a public release yet. Most communities have own stuff that they made. You’re probably better of getting a website and lua coder for that.

would coder hire be a good place to go?

also how much would it cost?

You should talk it with _Undefined
It’s a good idea

I’d choose MyBB or SMF for my forums. They have what your looking for and they don’t cost money.

Also Coder Hire has donation panels/pages that use openid.

And if you needed something done post a job on Coder Hire.


Kinda depends on your budget what to get, what I advice:

forum: IPB
host: hostgator
paypal: IPB subscription manager (free)
steam api: free addon for ipb also

if you ain’t got the money for ipb ($175)

forum: mybb
host: hostgator
paypal: coderhire donations
steam: im sure mybb also got a plugin

Hey IHateEffects,

I could get this done in the next couple of days…
I made a donation system/page where people could go to your site and donate and they would receive a key that they could activate in game…
I used to sell it on Coderhire, I could add steam login and update it for you along with a site, forum, etc…

PM if you’re interested :zoid:

Ipboard is a pile of shit. Why would you even think of mentioning that

Easy to say thing like that but without an explanation your answers shit.

Tell me about your spammer counter measures.

I’ve watched half decent forums get pages flooded with goatse in a matter of seconds.

[sp]with those annoying please wait x seconds to post your comment limits[/sp]

Ive also been “banned” from forums with ipboard on it and still be able to post. While being marked as a banned user.

I can do what you are wanting and get it done fast. Just message me your steam URL and I’ll talk to you through steam. I’m on it at all times.

I would suggest MyBB and i know there is a steamapi plugin also everything your requesting is usually custom just get a template.

Setting up IPB incorrectly is why you could. Don’t blame the software, blame the users. Also, SMF’s antibot thing is even more shit.

Your talking about admins not being able to configure their forum correctly. That’s something whole different. Get your facts straight.

I made this one let me know if you like