Website I've made (really simple)

Hey guys, the names Mastermarine. My friend, Fecal Face and I have decided to make a video group called FecalMarine Videos.
I have just made a really simple website for lack of any knowledge of coding and such, so… yeah.

I know its basic, but comments, and constructive criticism would be appreciated.


The alignment, design and content are kinda fucked.

Also unfinished websites are never good.


Okay so I watched the video and it was the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen. I doubt the person doing this class or whatever of yours will be impressed.



better than white background with black text. I hate that stuff.


Sorry for double posting,

we got full marks

I didn’t know it put double posts together! Awesome!

I guess it must have been marked for content rather than quality.


Constructive criticism then:

Use more Gmod. There was about 20 seconds of Gmod footage. The rest of the vid was either camcorder-recorded news broadcasts or pics off Google images.

Although I was kinda under the impression he wanted constructive criticism of the website.

Yeah, thats what I wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking better now. Change the font from Times new Roman though.

Cool, thanks

Get rid of x10. They’re horrible.

What the fuck learn HTML, that tool is complete crap. And <font> tags are deprecated. Plus I really don’t think “Adobe Caslon Pro” is a standard web font.

… he didn’t even make it himself? He used a website creator? Well, if you can’t make something like this using html and doing it yourself then you can’t do very much at all.

If I had to guess, he probably used a generator to get a basic layout, then he edited the rest.
Pros: A good place to learn how to code HTML
Cons: Black on blue burns like nothing before it.
Suggestions: Look at some templates & for help and inspiration.

Yeah, w3schools is good. I’d suggest learning html, JS php and CSS (Not counter-strike source).

<meta name="generator" content="Web Page Maker">

Requisite constructive criticism: Look at some other websites you like and try to incorporate parts of their design into yours (but tastefully)

That looks really really bad.
Those colors are waaayyy to bright and even hurted my eyes.

Hey, I made the black background, and the blue rectangle, and the navi bar. Thats it. I coded the rest.

As in you used a web page creator to do the shapes? To be honest, you should just jump ahead of the curve and learn CSS3 + HTML5, even the most basic designs in CSS3 look really great compared to CSS2/deprecated style conventions.(For example, <font>, <b>, <center>. For the latter, I believe you would use something like this: <p style=“text-align: center”>)

I’m thinking <b> isn’t going away. Which is easier to type: <span style=“text-style : bold”> or <b>?

(I probably failed the style="" but oh well)

Reminds me of the website I made when I was 7.