website link to a prop

Do anyone know how to script a code that link to a website with that i mean

take a prop like the newspaper prop then when you press e on that a motd thing will popup but its not link to a motd its link to a website so you can make a news paper to your server for like half life 2 rp or some other gamemode can some one script this mode and send back a replay?

i got an answer from kopimi when i ask about this and he send me this links

and i wonder if someone can but this to a lua script and send me a script

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->“Can anyone script a lua code to me that when you press “E” on a news paper prop a window thing will popup in your screen and you will be send in to a website”<-

You’ll most likely want a actual entity instead of using a prop.

if you know how to get the base code of a entity then this is what you need to do,

in init.lua find something called “function ENT:Use” and replace it with:
function ENT:Use( activator )
umsg.Start(“NewspaperInfo”, activator)

then go to cl.init.lua and post this inside of it

local function NewPaperShit()
local Website = vgui.Create(“HTML”)
Website:SetSize(ScrW(), ScrH())
Website:OpenURL(“”) – put your link here
usermessage.Hook(“NewspaperInfo”, NewPaperShit)


hopefully you understand.

That would make an infinite loop of windows you can’t close. This will open the Steam browser one time.

[lua]function ENT:Initialize()

function ENT:Use(activator, caller)

Better method:
activator.NextUse = activator.NextUse or 0
function ENT:Use( activator )
if activator.NextUse < CurTime() then
activator.NextUse = CurTime() + 3
activator:SendLua([[gui.OpenURL(“Website url”)]])
Or, if you want it for a every prop that is spawnable and looks like that:
hook.Add(“PlayerUse”, “Motdprop”, function(pl, entity)
pl.NextUse = pl.NextUse or 0
if string.find(entity:GetClass(), “prop_physics”) then
if entity:GetModel() == “Link To Your Model” then
pl.NextUse = CurTime() + 3
pl:SendLua([[gui.OpenURL(“Website url”)]])

i want a prop to spawn can’t you put this together to me? and send a link to the file or just put the code back up with name over like int.lua and that

SIMPLE_USE means only once per key press.