Website to hire coders and purchase scripts?

So hello guys, i am a fairly new PHP/CSS coder, but since is closing down i thought about making a websute somewhere close to coderhire.
I am not sure when it will be up, but hopefully soon, when i open the website i am going to make Developer status cost 5$ and you will be able to upload as many scripts as you want to.
Any purchases will be made through paypal.
I hope to be able to release this website soon, as many people need custom made scripts. Or want to earn money, by selling their scripts.

I wouldn’t bother; 3 other people have already made websites.

Oh ok :stuck_out_tongue: I will try what are the links to the websites? :smiley: I will proberly just make it in freetime then or when im bored.

Actually there is like 6 different coderhire websites

Cool links though?

Please, for the love of God, read other threads before making your own, if it’s related to Coderhire
Handsome Matt is also currently in the process of making one.
The third was called coder-launch, but it ended up going down.

Cant u just give me a link 3:

There’s this one:

There’s this one:

There’s this one:

There’s this one

There’s this one

Coderhire is dead megathread

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Can’t you just get off your ass and look?

It’s a really bad idea to make another if you’re ‘new’ to the programming language.