Website ?

Hey, i have been using enjin as website lately. But it’s bad, there’s no way to use prometheus on it. I have seen some enjin servers with prometheus on it but i have no idea how to do that. So anyone know any good website builders? To make a forum and website for my gmod server.

I would like the website to be able to make something like this as color Color(0, 0, 0, 150). That would make so you can see through a little of the main page thing and look through it so we see the background. Sorry, a bit hard to explain.

I just want some good way to make a website thats all. Not enjin.

What about learning about web development yourself?
It has good practical uses and you can customize it all you want.

Get a web server and use phpbb/mbb and go from there, of course it’s handy to know the basics first!

Get NFO webhosting for $2.99/mo, install phpbb and your generic and overused prometheus. Probelm solved.