Websites to hire programmers?

This is going to sound really stupid and like I’m some kid asking for a darkRP coder, but I’m interested in having a gamemode idea I’ve had be created. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I remember there was a few sites where people could sell their addons but I don’t remember what it was and the people who did want to help didn’t really seem like they knew what they were talking about. I realize finding someone who is proficient in LUA on this forum might be a bit hard but if anyone knows of anybody let me know! It’s near impossible to find anyone on freelancing websites that I use for other things. Thanks.

Also I read that asking for help in this forum is bannable but I’m not necessarily asking for help with garry’s mod and didn’t want to flood up that forum since it wasn’t actually about the game.

The reason is that almost without exception, kids don’t have the necessary financial instruments at their disposal to be able to invest the required capital outlay for the outsourcing of their development projects.

This is the website I was on before, couldn’t find anyone very confident.

Look, if you want a gamemode made, I recommend looking at other gamemodes for examples, and refer to the Garry’s Mod Wiki for assistance.

I don’t got time for that, I’d rather pay someone.

ScriptFodder is your best choice. Have patience.

What are you looking for exactly? If it’s a basic gamemode then scriptfodder is your best bet. There are several LUA scripters on Facepunch that would take you up on this project if you are paying them – including banana lord.

I expect if you want to find someone good at LUA that you’ll be looking in the three to four figure range due to how much time a custom gamemode can take.

If you’re truly able to afford the amount of money most freelancers ask for (disclaimer: I don’t actually know how much freelancers ask for but I assume it’s way above minimum wage) it might be worth it to contact people who know what they’re doing directly. I personally don’t care much about jobs but if someone’s offering to pay well (not just on Garry’s Mod scale) then I’ll at least listen to their proposition.

I see a lot of people asking for full huge gamemodes on ScriptFodder, willing to spend hundreds of dollars

Why not break it down into smaller, more manageable jobs? I guarantee it’ll be more appealing than a whole gamemode with a billion components where one person has to do everything

Yea I guess I’ll try and do it this way again, my only problem is 1. Hoping that all the developed modules work together and 2. Not really knowing how much work it is. Thanks everyone.

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I hire freelancers for a living, almost exclusively Chinese or Indian. I’m going to assume anyone who understands what I’m talking about won’t be from there (it’s not really in their skill tree). That’s why I’m asking if anyone knows anyone reputable from here who would be able to do it. My budget is pretty much $600-1000 because it’s not just a small simple game mode.

This post killed me inside. Thank you for the laugh - “I’m going to assume anyone who understands what I’m talking about won’t be from there (it’s not really in their skill tree).” - Done…

hahaha I didn’t really mean it like that, it’s just they are so driven with business centric stuff there is no time for games. And getting past the language barrier is hard enough.