Wedding Dress + Tuxedo

Would someone mind making these for me? I would be very happy!

as ragdoll’s or…

We could take The Passing’s witch and remove stuff, pretty up the texture, but MDLDecompilers messing up again.

Sorry about not being clear in the OP. The witch idea is good. I don’t know who is going to where the tux, though, so you can decide.


I support this! It would mean a lot more wedding poses! - ytr191 Seal of Approval

You could reskin the formal dress wedding infected from Left 4 Dead 2. You could use the wedding witch with a more human skin for the dress.

The left 4 dead idea is good, she just has to look like a normal human.

bamp, im planning to make a friendly picture.

Yes! We need this…and wedding props to lol! A bit of an odd idea…but how about tuxes that fit the tf2 gang? Marry them off for the fangirl group…