plz do something i love the game but … do something …

(User was banned for this post ("shit thread" - Orkel))

What would you say you do here? If you love it then what is it they need to do? Let them work at their own pace.

Well this was a very detailed, beautiful suggestion that took a lot of effort and just brought a tear to my eye. Give him a hand everyone!

This is a very well thought out and informative post! The developers should take note

Wow this guy sounds pretty mad!

May I suggest expressing your concerns in a manner which would be adequate of thinking breathing human being who has an IQ bigger than room temperature.

E.G. (Dear FacePunch studios, as a gaming community who loves your latest work we would like to get more frequent updates on development status. What is your current roadmap ? What is you current vision ? What features are of a greatest priority at the moment ? How we as a community help you make decisions in which direction you want this game to evolve ? … Please understand that we as gaming community are trying to be well informed on current game marketing trends such as early access which by some critics like “Jim Sterling” may or may not be a hoax for developers to - and I quote - “Take piss out of players”. Thank you. )

There it is not hard :slight_smile:

I totally agree with your suggestions

I sense much madness in here