Weekend Deal - 75% off Counter-Strike: Source

Now is the time to purchase Counter-Strike: Source if you’ve been wanting the content to use in Garry’s Mod. At $5 compared to $20, I highly recommend grabbing this during the sale.

Offer ends Monday, December 14th.

Thanks for the recommendation.

holy shit it’s like buying a box of ice cream

Just the ice cream never ends…

Buy it if you want a complete GMod, even if you don’t play the damn game just buy :argh:

Lol I recently bought CS:S + GMOD for my account for $25… I should have waited and bought CS:S and Gmod seperatly :C

Now all the 10 year olds can buy CS:S and stop complaining about missing textures!

I remember when it first came out. Only the Urban and Terror models existed.

Oh god it’s fun. I love the tons and tons of money. It’ll be put to good use.

I’ve been waiting for this.

Downloading now.