Weekly show Survival Thursday

Hello Guys,!

I am new to this community, first of all i would like to say that i have been a fan of rust since the early days of chasing & killing red bears and foxes in rad towns and enjoying some funny naked man train chases with rocks ;D , And i thought it would be a nice idea to share my work with you guys.

I would like to introduce my stream to you peeps =]

I do a casual weekly show’s with different type of games being played during does days,
one of them is Survival Thursday, where i usually enjoy playing Rust, some times with friends or viewers (Building Big Base and just going nuts, having a great time in general =]

The other shows are also fun to watch, besides the show’s i also stream Heroes of Storm, CS GO and , Hearthstone.

I have included some links below that you could watch some past vods Highlights & Funny moments.

All the essential information can be found at my YouTube channel.

Starts at 19:00 UTC/GMT

List of the rest of the show’s :

RPG Tuesday ( Classic or new RPG Play with commentary )
Survival Thursdays mentioned above ==
Horror Weekend (Mainly Saturday) Playing follower picked horror games
Follower Sunday (In near future)

Casual days :
Heroes of storm, CS GO, HS
Monday, Thursday

Last Survival Thursday Rust Fun - youtube.com/watch?v=RD0SaCLwyRg Too bad was alone
Last Saturdays Horror Show Highlights - youtube.com/watch?v=xy_zsa2YZ0E

To be a part of the community i can also offer free help to anyone who is in need of any Photoshop cs6 assistance or Graphic Intro, Trailer creation.

Yo guys if any one is getting any ideas that this is a spam, it is not i am genuine trying to spread the word and share my work.

I am fully committed in the things i do =] and am of course i am fully pledged to the community where i spread my news.

Like i said guys if any one needs help which i can provide please ask , i want to contribute as much as i can to ya’ll =]

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Any one interested to join pm me or add me on steam, looking for casual peeps for some fun time and casual play no pressure, Thursday’s we would be raiding when our castle would be finished =p

The Server is redsnowserver