weekly updates

anyone know what happened to weekly updates?

3 weeks without updates rofl.

And the 25th february update just destroyed airdrops.

Best update ever

This is what happened to “weekly” updates. They are taking longer in an attempt to try and prevent stuff like that from happening because of future updates. Honestly, given the type of game Rust is and how early in development it currently is, anyone who actually expected weekly updates from an alpha is a fool.

Taken from the front page of playrust.com
Updates will come when they come, it seems like the new version will have the new GUI and that won’t be done for atleast another week. Hopefully after this update we can return to weekly updates again.

Why make 100 threads like this? Take a look at other threads instead of having people flame again… :slight_smile:

I agree it is frustrating. However, based on the pace that updates were happening, I can’t really complain that we didn’t have an update on the last 2 weeks.

There’s something that is worrying me, though. It is the lack of communication. They couldn’t update the game because they are placing foundations to make a bigger update? Fine, I can live with that. But please, tell us what’s happening! No words last week, no words this week and Garry is not even posting here anymore. This is what is frustrating me.

Also Garry Newman tweeted saying that hopefully there will be an update later on this week.

Hopefully? The heck? It’s like… yes or no there will be an update.

That’s like saying… hopefully i’ll do my homework today.

Doesn’t make any sense…

(Don’t feel attacked Funkable, i’m speaking about Garry ofcourse)

Yes, hopefully. Why do you feel like they owe you any more than that?
They don’t have to do any updates.

But they do because they want to see the game become awesome, just like we do.

Take what you can get and stop whining. These people have lives just like the rest of us and sometimes life gets in the way.

They never set deadlines for this exact reason, people bash them and tell them they’re failures when it’s 10 minutes past the deadline.
Would you want to keep making Rust if you hopped onto the forum and saw all of the shit being spouted against you? Probably not.

I’m not whining at all, i don’t give 2 fucks if they update it now or next week, i got more games.

If they wouldn’t do any updates then they will have no players. Therefore they are forced to do so.
It’s not “forced” as in written down on paper, but we all know they have to, and that’s their job.

As you create a company like this, you should consider it your job. If they don’t give any update’s for a period of time because of X reasson that’s fine, but saying “hopefully” there will be an update that’s pretty much worthless.

So crawl back to your Rust cave, i’m not your enemy.

If you’ll view Garry’s other tweets you’ll note that he’s on plane 11 hour plane rides followed by 2 hour drives going to conferences right now.

Also, you can say you’ll do your homework. Can you guarantee how long it’ll take you though? What if there’s a problem or question that stumps you and you have to spend longer working on it than you said you’d be? And what if the whole time you were past your due date hundreds of people were discrediting you and making you sound like a lazy dick even though you’re still working on it?

So now being optimistic about getting the people what they want is worthless?

What do you expect? “There will be an update at exactly 1:23PM PST on Friday afternoon, 3/21/2014.”

No, they can’t do that because there are too many unexpected issues. That’s why it’s “hopefully”.

It’s been said too many times before, but quite frankly everyone should have expected this when they bought the game.
That Early Access banner is pretty hard to miss.

What would be nice is if we could have behind the scenes updates, bit of info on what is being worked on. But as it has been outlined above, the airdrops have been broken for a while now. Maybe FP should consider putting time aside to push out fixes to important game elements where necessary.

So a tweet of saying “hopefully there will be an update” that’s what you want? Alright you’re easy to please…

I don’t expect him to state exactly when there will be an update, i know that’s hard. You’re simply missing my point of saying that “hopefully” doesn’t mean anything and some people see it as a ticket that there will be an update.

He could rather say nothing at all or just saying “we’re working on a update as fast as possible” that’s way better then “hopefully” if you ask me.

I know it’s early access that’s why i don’t care about updates, as i told you already so don’t give me that bullshit.

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I am easy to please, but that’s only because I have realistic expectations for this part of development.

Of course they’re working on an update as fast as possible. Are you really so naive to think that they’re all just relaxing? You’re just taking this one tweet and twisting it around to mean whatever you want it to mean.

I think different people percieve the word, “hopefully,” differently, depending on their mindset.

Obiously they’re doing some work, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying they’re currently on the Bahama’s enjoying a coctail laying on the beach… ^^

I know that you and I tend to agree on the whole “lack of updates” thing going around… I don’t mean to get so defensive.

But it sounds like Garry is optimistic. Why should we rip that tweet apart and turn it into something it’s not?

Can’t we all just be optimistic? I’d much rather feel like something good will happen, unlike the people here who would apparently rather see the game crash and burn.

If they give a date and it doesnt drop on that date they get shit from the community. If they dont give a date they get shit from the community. By saying hopefully it implies that its too difficult to say one way or the other. Its looking like we are getting an update but things happened. That last debug test they do could bring out a whole new bug list that needs to be addressed that wasnt seen prior.
This isnt like baking a cake, its more like working on an old truck(rust). It SHOULD take an hour to do the brakes(core game), but then the old rusty bolts break, the lines need replacing and the store sold you the wrong parts(bugs, glitches). Meanwhile you got your wife(the community) behind you telling you you are lazy and stupid and it shouldnt take this long. Things happen out of their control and they do their best to deliver what they can when they can.

Same mate, it will become good eventually, it will take time… And we’ll wait for it. ^^