Weeping Angel npc/sent?


If you have seen Dr Who you may have seen the weeping angels, those statues that appear to be statues but they aren’t and if you blink you die blah blah… could someone who can code lua (I don’t know how to code it so if you can’t do it sorry to bother you) make a weeping angel npc/sent? Its just an idea i had one day, so don’t worry about this too much. Other ideas include:
> A blink script (like every so often you blink and the angel moves)
> A code to keep your eyes open (bind a key to a command which keeps your eyes open)
> After time the stare script makes you see blood shots on your screen and eventually you blink

Like I said don’t worry about this too much, its just an idea.

If anyone can do this, thank you so much! :q:

Me and Sneaky Conman started on one of those after the last angel episode but we seem to have stopped. I’ll remind him, and maybe you might possibly see something at some point in the next year.

It is something I am currently working on for a gamemode.

This would be so fun to map for, hidden angels in intelligent places will be brilliant.

cool, thanks. tell me whenever i can get it. but i would prefer this as a npc or entity.

It would be good if they modified their positions based on how close they are to you. For example, you see an angel, it’s in it’s weeping pose, you look away or blink, it’s closer to you whilst looking at you and in another pose. When it get fairly close it could do it’s crazy feral poses.

Thats how i thought it should work, thats how it works in dr who


Yup, preety much

Wouldn’t it be easy to do it like the Harmless Companion Cube? I like the idea of the positions changing as they get closer, since that’s how they are in the show, but I’m sure if someone made a ragdoll of a weeping angel it shouldn’t be too hard.

How about they move when youre not looking. Alot better than random blinking.

Edit: Or both maybe?

thats what i wanted in the first place

This would be so awesome :slight_smile:

It’s weird. I also started on one a few weeks back, but stopped. Ronon Dex (I think thats his name) is now making a gamemode to do with them.

APM Did One

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