Wehrmacht Getting His Skull Shattered from Off Screen American.


So, C&C, don’t sugar coat it.

For some reason, it feels like there is an antialiasing issue. Maybe it’s just me. Everything else is fine.

The posing is rather solid, but that guy getting shot in the head needs to be reacting much less; it would all be happening so quick he wouldn’t know what hit him. Needs abit more stretching and deformation of the head, and the bone and fragments need to be clean and pink. The blood needs to be lightened up abit also.

Not to mention that the angry german guy with the busdriver hat is clipping with his left forearm (by the bags/flask).

Add some Super DoF to the picture(Not much), and if I’m not wrong the hand of the general at the left is clipping through his punch.

The rest of the posing is suberp.


the soldiers are released dont think Dr Richtofen is though

One thing that bothers me is the front hand on the guy crouching looks messed up.

They aren’t released either.

All models shown are currently private. I’ll release more once finished.

I’ll release Richtofen with the other 3, all will be finger, face, and eyeposable.


Love the pose bytheway.

The soldier on the left is confusing me… he has a Schutze arm patch, but he has officer collar tabs and an officers hat…

Doctor Richtofen :v:

my bad